Jenny Miller

I started in dogs at an early age with a cross Wirehaired Foxterrier/Shetland sheepdog competing in Obedience and becoming an
instructor and trainer. The "show bug" took over when I started showing a German Shepherd Dog given to me on my 21st birthday but previously
with my now ex husband we were given an English Springer Spaniel from the famous Pencloe kennel and with these two dogs it was the start of
the Feorlig Kennel from which I have breed 16 UK Champions in English Springers, with several more abroad including a Multi Champion with A
and B field trial qualification. In Papillons, Skye Terriers, Irish Setter and German Shepherds I have several Champions and CC winners as
with Bassett Hounds, Welsh Springer Spaniel and Cocker Spaniels with RCCs bred and owned.

I first started judging in 1974 at Open show level and awarded my first CCs in 1981 in English Springer Spaniels. I now judge the Gundog Group
awarding 24 CCs plus awaiting to judge 3 further breeds this year and 2 in 2017.
I also award CCs in German Shepherd Dogs
I also award CCs in Skye Terriers, Manchester Terriers, passed to award
CCs in Parson Russell Terriers and Border Terriers.
I also award CC in Papillons.
I am awaiting to be passed to award CCs in Lancashire Heelers and Shar Pei.

I judge to FCI level and have judged groups 2 / 7 / 8. I judge all groups to Best in Show level in over 16 Countries including Australia,
Barbados, New Zealand, South Africa and All the Scandinavia, to mention a few this is my first visit to Prague in the Czec Republic of which I
am very excited to be invited and to be judging for you, looking forward to some lovely dogs.


              HLAVNÍ SPONZOR                               OSTATNÍ SPONZOŘI










CHS Bohemiatilia

CHS Golden Erinor